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Creative Possibilities Celebrates Anniversary ... May 28, 2016

Small businesses are the back-bone to America’s economy.  New Boston is very proud to have “Creative Possibilities” as part of our family!  Congratulations on your anniversary and we hope to celebrate many more with you.
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SOPA Highlights Infra-Metals During Economic Development Week ... May 10, 2016

In celebration of Economic Development Week we are highlighting several of our local manufacturers this week. Today we are highlighting Infra-Metals. Infra-Metals was founded in 1990 intent on becoming the premier steel service center servicing the structural steel market. Since its inception, all efforts have been focused on that objective. Here is what Oak Williams, general manager of the New Boston facility, had to say.

“Service centers are a crucial member of the structural steel supply chain. We play a vital role in the delivery, availability, and fabrication of structural steel throughout the US. We offer an extensive inventory, maintain a substantial array of processing equipment and provide just-in-time delivery. We also have a strong parent company, which allows us to continuously invest in state-of-the-art processes and uphold a high level of service and quality throughout our organization. The bulk of our growth has been achieved through strategically located green-field facilities designed specifically for the products and services we provide. Our newest facility here in New Boston, Ohio opened for business a little more than two years ago. Building our business in the greater Portsmouth region has afforded us a quality local workforce and multitude of logistics options. With this, we have very quickly grown into a thriving business and become an important and relied upon resource for the customer base in our region.”

Oak Williams and the Infra-Metals team continue to make quality products, employ local workers with great paying jobs and be strong community partners. Infra-Metals organized the Bob Walton 5-K in New Boston last fall and also contributed mightily to Portsmouth’s America’s Best Community application. So we here at the Southern Ohio Port Authority would like to thank Oak Williams and thank Infra-Metals for being great stewards of our community. ?#?YearofEconDev? ?#?PositivelyPortsmouth?













SOPA Celebrates Osco Industries During Development Week ... May 8, 2016

This week, May 8 -14 is Economic Development Week. We here at the Southern Ohio Port Authority are celebrating this by highlighting one of our local manufacturers every day this week. Manufacturing plays an essential role in the strength and vitality of any local economy. These are the businesses who support jobs and add value to our community. The first company we would like to highlight this week is Osco Industries Inc. Osco Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of Gray Iron Castings for the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Automotive, Industrial Power Transmission, Sump Pump as well as a variety of other industries. Founded in 1872 as the Ohio Stove Company, Osco now operates three foundries all located in southern Ohio and employs 350 people. According to Tom Kayser, Sales & Marketing Manager for Osco, Osco Industries is proud of the fact that it has both the oldest and newest foundry in the State of Ohio: Osco Portsmouth being founded in 1872 and Osco New Boston being founded in 1997. “Southern Ohio & Scioto County has been and continues to be a great location for us to operate our foundries. Our area has an ample amount of resources and is centrally located in the Midwest United States.” Tom Kayser, Sales & Marketing Manager. ?#?YearofEconDev??#?PositivelyPortsmouth?














New Boston Council support the 2016 Autism Walk ... May 2, 2016

Village Administrator Steve Hamilton and Councilman Mike Payton welcome everyone to the 2016 Autism Walk held at Millbrook Park April 30.



2016 New Boston Little League Marshalls ... Apr 21, 2016

New Boston Village Council along with the Mayor and Village Administrator were Grand Marshall’s of the 2016 New Boston Little League Parade. Pictured left-right: Steve Hamilton Village Admin., Councilmen Vonald Patrick, Mike Payton, Ralph Imes, Dan Fetty and Mayor Junior Williams.



New Boston School – A Technological Vision ... Apr 20, 2016

It was five years ago on April 19 that ground was broken for the new New Boston (Glenwood) School facilities. Village Councilman Mike Payton remembers it as a rather inauspicious occasion.

“It was actually done in the stadium,” Payton said. “It had rained and the school is over where the pool was and that was one big giant mud hole. So Mike Staggs, who was superintendent then had some dirt brought in because he wanted the students to be a part of it, so he brought all these little shovels and each one of the kids got one and we had some of the folks in from the state and we did it. It was a lot of fun.”


The move was officially made to the new school building at the end of November 2012. In fact, school personnel made the move during the Thanksgiving break.

“We’ve come a long way in the last 3 1/2 years,” Melinda Burnside, Superintendent of New Boston Schools, said. “Mr. Staggs had a vision to have the most highly technological school in the state of Ohio and we’ve come a long way with technology and we’re slowly making things happen to our facility all the time.”

In real estate it’s location, location, location, and that is everything for the New Boston school facility.

“It is now closer to our municipal stadium. It’s closer to our ballfield,” Burnside said. “Dan Fetty, who is on the Village Council, worked on a grant to get the village new tennis courts and they did receive that grant. This summer we’re going to get new tennis courts right beside the ballfield, so it’s definitely a more central location and communication is better among the staff members. We no longer have to haul food to two different locations. Our school nurse is in one building instead of three buildings.”

Prior to the new facilities being built, if one of the buildings needed the nurse to respond to a medical need, they had to go looking to find out what building the nurse was in and call and get him or her to come the that particular building.

“It just makes everything more functional as a whole to have everything pre-k-12 in one facility,” Burnside said.

Burnside said there are still people in the community who miss the tradition of the old New Boston gym (the Tiger Den), but the new Homer Pelligrinon (former New Boston Basketball coach) gym holds a lot more people and is much more functional.

“A lot has gone on in the last five years,” Payton said. “It was an accomplishement we were all pretty proud of.”

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

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