Clark retires from NB police

New Boston Police Chief Darrold Clark believes when you retire – you retire.

“I take everything for granted,” Clark said. “When it says ‘retired’ it means retired. Don’t have to work and don’t have to take orders from anybody.”

His plans, when he left his office for the last time Tuesday, were not many.

“My wife’s got a lot of plans for me,” Clark said. “I’ll probably build some bird houses and fiddle around and raise a garden again. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot.”


New Boston Mayor Junior Williams (left) presents a proclamation from New Boston Village Counsel to retiring Police Chief Darrold Clark.


Clark has been with the New Boston Police Department for 47 years, the last 18 years as chief. He was hired by Vernal G. Riffe, Sr. and served under six mayors over the years.

The New Boston Village Council issued a proclamation for Clark’s retirement which read, in part, “Whereas these years of service have genuinely been dedicated to and valued by our entire village, and whereas Darrold will be missed both personally and professionally, and has always displayed the highest level of character, ethics and morals…”

What’s it going to feel like not coming in in the morning?

“I think I can get used to it,” Clark said. “I’ll miss it. It has been in my blood for years, but I’ll find some way to survive.”

Clark would leave and the end of the day Tuesday with no more work waiting for him on his desk.

“I’m going to the council meeting tonight and that’s the end of it,” Clark said. Not quite – Clark had one more duty to perform. His plans were to put the name of Captain Steve Goins into consideration to be his replacement.

“I can’t think of a better man for the job,” Clark said. “He has been great. He’s intelligent and he’s always there when somebody needs him. He’s always there. When he gets wind of any kind of a problem, he keeps going until he gets it solved. That’s what I like about him.”

Goins has been with the NBPD for 33 years, working with Clark the entire time.

“He has always been someone you could count on and he has helped me out tremendously through my years here,” Goins said. “We’ve been friends. His friendship to me means a lot. He’s been a good chief and a caring chief, and I hate to see him go. Not too many people last 47 in law enforcement.”

The actual process seemed to be more of a formality than an actual process.

“Tonight (Tuesday) we’ll accept the resignation which is procedural,” Village Councilman Mike Payton said. “After that, the mayor will make a recommendation that we hire Goins, and then council will vote on that tonight and it is decided by the majority, and he’s (Goins) the police chief.”

Clark has been married to Sharon Lee Clark for over 50 years and they have three adult children and around 25 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Daily Times attempted to reach Mayor Junior Williams for comment on Tuesday, but was unable to make contact with him.

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