Service Dept

Stephen Hamilton

The Service Department Supervisor  is Stephen D. Hamilton.  He served as Village council member from 2006 to 2009.  In January 2009 he started his employment as Village Administrator, Code Enforcement Officer, Flood Plain Manager, and Community Development Director.  Stephen is a 1989 graduate of New Boston (Glenwood) High School.  He resides on Cedar Street, New Boston, Ohio with his wife, Samantha and three daughters, Kiersten, Ali and Daisy.  He also has a daughter, Mychael Ann, who lives in Vermillion, Ohio.  He is also a proud grandfather of one grandson, Oakland (Oakie).

The Flood Defense System in New Boston is maintained and operated  by the New Boston Village Service Department.  It is being accredited by FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers which maintains periodic inspections.   The village recently has completed renovations and upgrades with an investment of approximately $400,000.00. Scroll to bottom to view more photos.

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