About New Boston Mayor Junior Williams.

Junior was first elected to New Boston Village Council in November of 1999 and served three terms as councilman before being sworn in as Mayor. He now chairs the Laws, Finance and Claims Committee previously acted as president pro tempore for council. He is a member of the New Boston Planning Commission and the New Boston Board of Zoning Appeals Committee. Prior to village council, he was a member of the New Boston School District Board of Education from 1996-2000. A past youth volunteer for over 10 years, Junior has been a resident of New Boston for over 50 years and is a 1973 graduate of Glenwood High School. He is employed as field superintendent of Capital Improvement Projects for Tri-America Contractors at the Dow Chemical Company. Junior resides on Rhodes Avenue, New Boston with his wife, Laura. All three of their children, Dustin, Amanda, and Aaron are former Glenwood High School graduates.

                                                                      -Junior Williams; New Boston, Ohio


About New Boston Mayor’s Court and Clerk of Courtjessicagrants.

The current Clerk of Courts is Jessica Grant.  Jessica began her career with the Village of New Boston in 2002 when she was hired for the position of Clerk of Courts and to serve as secretary to the Mayor.

Jessica has completed multiple training programs that have made her certified to serve as Clerk of Courts, including Ohio Municipal League Mayor’s Court Education, Central Ohio Association of Mayor’s Court Clerk and the Kent State University Professional Development Program.  Jessica is also a licensed State of Ohio Notary Public.  Jessica (Williams) is married to Greg and both are graduates of Glenwood High School.  They have 3 children, Ryley, Lindsay and Abby.  “I enjoy serving the citizens of New Boston.”

The New Boston Mayor’s Court is conducted by Mayor William “Junior” Williams, and hears all Criminal Misdemeanors and all Traffic offenses, other than second-time DUI (driving under the influence), and second-time DUS (driving under suspension).

All persons appearing before a mayor’s court should wear respectful clothing. Litigants and other members of the public shall refrain from talking during the proceeding. Except when addressing the mayor, testifying, or conferring with counsel. All persons participating in the proceeding shall refrain from using foul or abusive language. Smoking, eating, and other activities that detract from the proceeding shall be prohibited in the room in which mayor’s court is conducted.

Our mayor’s court has a clerk who has duties delegated by the mayor. The Clerk of Courts is responsible for processing and maintaining all documents filed with the mayor’s court, maintaining the docket of the court, administering the traffic violations bureau, collecting and distributing to the proper sources all fines and costs imposed by the court, and submitting abstracts of the court record and other information required by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Our mayor’s court also has a court officer who, in addition to those duties delegated by the mayor, should be responsible for serving warrants and capiases, transporting defendants to and from jail facilities, and assisting the mayor during mayor’s court.

The mayor’s court reports to the Ohio Supreme Court before the fifteenth day of January, April, July and October of each year, reflecting the mayor’s court for the calendar quarter immediately preceding the filing date. The mayor’s court also submits a report to the bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation of every conviction that is a misdemeanor on a first offense.

New Boston holds court every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. For more information, contact Jessica Grant, Certified Clerk of Courts for the Village of New Boston, at (740)-456-4103.